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Vision: To become a solution provider tooling company for OEMs in their supplier ecosystem by using advanced engineering and manufacturing Technologies in tool design, production and Project launch.

Mission: To become competitive and preferred company for their clients as solution provider for engineering problems for its clients.


• All legal obligations will be fulfilled,
• The work to be carried out at every stage starting from the contract phase until the completion of the works will be continuously monitored,
• Good quality and standards-compliant materials will be provided from reliable sources,
• Selective treatment will be taken into consideration in view of the performances of the suppliers to be employed in labor.
• Technological developments will be followed These developments will be utilized for our production.


• There is no work can be rushed and not important enough to endanger the health of the environment.
• All environmental protection rules will be observed at all times and in every workplace.
• In our workplaces, all of our employees will have the necessary knowledge, skills and skills to protect the environment.
• Measures will be taken to minimize environmental risk factors in all our workplaces and manufacturing.
• The principle of “Nature is not in need of human beings”, but human beings is in need of natüre” will be our basic principle.


• No business can be hasty and important enough to endanger human health.
• Everyone is responsible for the safe operation of both himself and others.
• All accidents and injuries can be prevented.
• Occupational health and safety is not just an activity under the responsibility of a unit, but the basis of business life.
• Our company management pioneers occupational health and safety.
• Everyone’s participation is supported.
• Existing current laws and regulations are fully implemented in all our workplaces.